THE BEDWETTER is a quirky and off-beat coming of age story set in 1975 that follows Shelly, an almost 11 year old Tomboy who wets the bed, gets bullied at school and now has to deal with her new Stepmother, a glamorous former Stewardess, who wants to throw her a birthday party.

To help Shelly along the way she has Dean, her dapper and enthusiastic best friend and Martha, a local Homeless Woman who takes a special interest in her. Further complicating things is Shelly's slight preoccupation with Abby, the cool girl at school.

Starring: Kaitlin Morgan, Harrison Boxley, Courtney Rackley, Tracey Collins, John Boatwright, Julia Putnam, Nicolai Dorian, Paiten Gernahuser, Brianna Jesme and Jessy Holen.

Original Score by Jane Ford:

Additional songs by Danielle Ate The Sandwich:

Produced by: Barbara Green, Michelle Boyaner, Kathleen Beaton, Barbra Held, Tracy Lamonica, Danielle Eskinazi.

Written and Directed by: Michelle Boyaner.

Running Time: 18 minutes


Greenie Films: The Bedwetter -- a short film written and directed by Michelle Boyaner
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